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The mortise and tenon joint is used by woodworkers, stonemasons and blacksmiths to create one of the strongest possible connections. Like those craftsmen, we are passionate about creating strong connections between our clients and their audiences—the foundation to building business for tech, health and financial companies.


Tell the greatest story. One that connects with your audience’s heart and mind. And then tell that story in the mediums your audience engages with, whether it’s TV, radio, print, online, or airplane barf bags.

Marketing Materials

Create awesomeness. And by “awesomeness” we don’t mean a brochure or poster that’s cool and pretty. It’s important to create a vital piece of communication that expresses your company’s value clearly and distinctly. Only then are you able to connect with your audience.

Web Design

Inspire lasting relationships. It’s easy to get distracted with the latest whiz-bang technology and widgets. But an effective website utilizes the correct tools to engage with your audience, and serves to further the conversation or provide the means to make a sale.

Logo & Visual Identity

Evoke Truth. A logo or visual identity is perhaps the most important, and most scrutinized, part of your brand. Great logos and visual identities stick in our memories and trigger powerful emotions. Creating them is not as simple as it might look. And with so much riding on it, you need to get it right. 


Ignite an army. Coming up with a good name is not the hard part. Coming up with a good name that isn’t already taken is. We take the time to understand your company, and your audience and then navigate all possible conflicts (both registered and common law) to find truly viable names that you can own.

Content Marketing

Send a love letter. Develop truly relevant information that will make a difference in your audience’s life. It’s one of the quickest ways to make someone feel like you get them and their challenges. How else are you going to be deserving of your customer’s love?

Direct Mail

Throw out the expected. Or your audience will. No one is waiting for your direct mail campaign. Most of us throw out the mail without even thinking about it. Expected is the enemy of effectiveness. Get it noticed. Make it relevant. And follow up.


Interrupt the status quo. Video is the biggest opportunity there is right now. The power of images, music, and writing can be a huge persuasive tool. Most of the time though, video is badly scripted, horribly filmed, and ultimately ignored. Good video gets watched. Shared. And sought out — whether it’s online, on a TV screen, or on a mobile phone or tablet.


Our Team

We believe lean is better. So for each client, we assemble only the experts needed to complete the job. And we know a lot of experts. It keeps us nimble, responsive, and efficient.

Jerry Kopec

Jerry Kopec

Founder & Head Craftsman View Details
The Team

The Team

Experts with experience View Details
Jerry Kopec

Jerry Kopec

Founder & Head Craftsman

For over 25 years, Jerry has been making a big impact on his clients’ marketing efforts. Jerry’s philosophy is simple: People are ultimately motivated by people they connect with. And the strongest connections are made by reaching hearts and minds.

It all starts with a great foundation of understanding a client’s business, their needs, and what motivates their audiences.

It’s hard work, but Jerry makes it fun. It doesn’t hurt that he’s unflappable, easy to work with and understands how to distill complicated ideas into clear and effective communications.

Jerry’s work experience includes art & creative direction for a variety of clients, big and small. Jerry also teaches creative courses at the School of Visual Concepts in Seattle.

While not working, Jerry is a real-life craftsman, remodeling the 1904 bungalow he shares with his wife and two young daughters.

The Team

The Team

Experts with experience

We know a lot of experts with a ton of experience. Writers. Art Directors. Designers. Project Managers. Directors. Photographers. Web Developers. And we assemble only the ones that are right for each project. It keeps us nimble and lean. Which in turns produces better work within budgets. If you’d like to know more about any of the team we work with reach out and send us a request, we’d be happy to connect.

  • Nothing is more satisfying than hearing others rave about our marketing materials being “gorgeous” and “well-designed.”

    Kirstin Williams, Physicians Insurance
  • Jerry was able to distill all of our ideas down to create clear and effective messaging that effortlessly communicates the work that we do and what we offer our clients.

    Eliza Pardo, FA Insight
  • Jerry’s smart, fast, easy to work with and produces outstanding work – all without any drama or wasted effort.

    Scott Boyer, Mountain Pacific Bank
  • Our unique story wasn’t being told in our current marketing materials. Jerry helped us gain clarity on how to present ourselves with a new brand foundation and brochure.

    Jason Tafoya, Cape Point Wealth Management
  • Jerry’s team was a pleasure to work with, always going above and beyond to meet our needs, timelines and requirements. They insured the transition to our new brand was seamless. 

    Kim Huess, Soundpath Health
  • We realized, at many times through the project, that a larger agency simply couldn’t have delivered as well as this nimble team did. 

    Loni Syltebo, Numera
  •  Jerry has exceeded my expectations with every project. I’ve been confident each time he presents concepts, knowing he has an understanding of my market and experience in executing under deadlines and budgets.

    Robin Pederson, Multicare
  • Jerry is not just a terrific designer, he is a smart interpreter of my business needs. He has taken the time to get to know my company, my customers, and my products.

    David Kinard, Physicians Insurance
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